Spiced Bam Bam

Winter Release Ongoing Wholesale Allocation


For the next two years, we will be releasing batches of Spiced Bam Bam twice annually.

The winter release will be available at the start of our harvest season in June/July. The summer release will be available in time for Christmas each year.

The wholesale allowance for each release will be limited and is likely to sell out.

If you have a bar and would like to feature Spiced Bam Bam on your permanent spirits or cocktail list, firstly thank you!

We know how frustrating it is to run out of a listed product, so we’ll work with you to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Please fill out the form below and we will ensure that we have sufficient stock on hand at the distillery, after the general allocation has sold out, to see you through until the next release.

Ongoing Allocation Request Form

Name *
Will Spiced Bam Bam be on your permanent cocktail or spirits list?
How much stock are you likely to go through each month? Please specify a number of bottles or cases (6 x 700ml bottles to a case). This is how much stock we will set aside for you to draw from. If you don't use it all, no worries - we'll pass the stock on to someone on the backorder list.