Spiced Bam Bam : Batch 3 (Summer Release)

The Summer Release Is Here

Each batch of Husk Spiced Bam Bam starts in the paddock at our family farm in Northern NSW. 

This is the story of Spiced Bam Bam, Batch 3.

Over 14 weeks in 2014 the Men of Husk hand-cut 55 tonnes of cane. That’s right, we’re talking old school cane knives! Our boys persevered through tough conditions to cut, load and crush about 4 tonnes of cane every week. At the end of that season, they had laid down 20 barrels of Tumbulgum’s finest Australian agricole rum.

Originating in the French Caribbean, agricole is a style of rum, that until recently, was not widely available in Australia. 

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Agricole rum can only be made from the freshest cane juice, instead of the more commonly used molasses. The resulting new make distillate is generally regarded as fresher, more vibrant and showing a complexity of floral, herbaceous and fruity characteristics.

This character develops further in the barrel and after almost 4 years, the base of this third Batch of Spiced Bam Bam is a truly exceptional rum.

But the story of this rum doesn’t end there. In August of this year we selected 6 of those barrels from 2014 to become the 2018 Christmas release of Spiced Bam Bam. 

The rum was transferred to a vat where it would spend the next 3 months marrying and becoming infused with botanicals chosen to complement our rum and capture the essence of the Northern Rivers.

Roasted Australian wattle seed, local native ginger and sun-dried orange peel combine with golden berries, whole Tahitian vanilla beans and cinnamon quills to create a unique spice flavour, rounded and balanced with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Five years in the making, Spiced Bam Bam is an unusual spiced rum. All natural, paddock to bottle, and organically infused with whole, native and traditional spices. We are excited to offer you this rum to share with friends and family this Christmas.


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