Straight to the pool room! 2018 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition Results

We're excited to announce that we have picked up some accolades to this years San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

Spiced Bam Bam won a gold medal in the spiced rum category, and Pure Cane was awarded silver among the agricoles.

We are stoked with this news. San Fransisco World Spirits Competition is widely considered to be the world's most prestigious spirits competition. 

These medals show that 'the new taste of Australian rum' can compete with the world's best. 

About the Award Winners

Spiced Bam Bam is a 3 year old paddock-to-bottle agricole rum, which is then infused with whole native and traditional botanicals.

The botanical mix was chosen to reflect the salty coastal rainforest of the NSW North Coast.

Roasted Australian wattle seed, local native ginger and sun-dried orange and mandarin peel combine with golden berries, whole Tahitian vanilla beans and cinnamon quills to create a unique spice flavour rounded and balanced with a sprinkle of local sea salt.

Pure Cane is an unaged agricole, and was awarded a silver medal in the Agricole Rum category.

Pure Cane is the most pure expression of our region - straight from paddock to bottle, it reflects the terroir of northern NSW as only a white agricole can.

The rainfall, soil & seasons of each harvest is reflected in every both. It's all natural, clean, delicate & packed with flavour. 

‘The majority of what we drink in the Caribbean is agricole blanc - white rum,’ says distillery manager Quentin Brival.  

‘We drink it neat with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of sugar. Pure Cane is our take on the agricole blanc - more delicate, softer and better suited to the Australian palate. We’re really excited that this modern take on a very traditional spirit competed with traditional AOC agricoles and took home a silver!’

Harriet Messenger