New Release: Husk Triple Oak


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Husk Triple oak rum

After four years, the long wait is over. We are thrilled to announce the next release of our premium Australian Agricole rum.

At Husk our vision has always been to create and share quality Australian sipping rum, which perfectly captures our provenance. We wanted this sipping rum to be dry, complex and unadulterated, inspired by the agricole rum we fell in love with in the French Caribbean.

Husk Triple Oak Rum is the culmination of that vision.

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In 2015 we released 271 bottles of Husk Rum. This was a double barrel aged, single barrel release - aged first in Virgin Oak, then ex-bourbon. One of only 2 barrels from the 2012 harvest, this young rum developed fantastic character, and we were compelled to release the first bottles of our premium Husk Rum. This release sold out in 72 hours - Harriet didn’t even get a bottle!

Fast forward to 2019, and after another 5 successful harvest seasons we are ready to announce the second release of this label.  

Bottles will still be extremely limited, however with some exciting barrels coming of age, expect one release of Husk Virgin Cane Rum each year from now on.  

The expanded Husk range

The expanded Husk range


The 2019 release is Triple Oak.

Triple Oak is a masterful blend of three barrels - ex-port, ex-bourbon and new American Oak.

These barrels were filled with our Australian Agricole rum, which was distilled in 2013 in our old 1000L copper pot still from first press cane juice.

The barrels rested for 5 years. For the rum connoisseur, the resulting blend allows the drinker to trace back to each barrel the flavours and aromas it encapsulates.


Ex-port barrel. This very old barrel had aged port for several decades. It imparted old oak and rich port-like notes into the rum.

Ex-bourbon barrel. This barrel from Kentucky had been filled with bourbon, emptied, shipped over to Australia and then filled. It was most neutral barrel that allowed the rum to naturally and slowly develop beautiful fruity aromas.

Virgin American Oak (char #4). As a brand new barrel, the new wood had a heavy influence on the rum which picked up deep oak flavours with hints of coconut. The heavy char helped the release of sought after compounds such as vanilla while also allowing the rum to extract more tannin from the wood.

At 5 years old, this is our most mature rum yet.

For those who want to nerd out on this release, read on.



Barrel #1: Ex-Port filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 73.9%.

Barrel #2: Ex-Bourbon filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 65.5%.

Barrel #3: Virgin White American Oak - filled 05/12/13 from distillation of cane variety Q155. Still strength 74.8% and 75.3%.

Total run: 969 bottles (Australian allocation 849 bottles, European allocation 120 bottles)


For the best tasting experience, pour a small volume of Triple Oak into a tulip shaped tasting glass and let it breathe for 5-10 minutes before nosing and tasting.

Nose: Dried cranberry and fig, green apple, oak, hint of lemon peel and a subtle port influence in the background

Palate: Vanilla, charred oak, dried fruit, toffee and notes reminiscent of the old port barrel

Finish: Generous spicy finish with soft tannins, vanilla and aged oak.


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