Husk X Grain Bar

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When Grain Bar’s head barman Adam Lau mentioned how good an exclusive Husk Agricole Rum barrel would look on their bar at Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay, how could we say no?

Soon enough, a very special delivery of one 20 litre virgin oak barrel filled with Husk Pure Cane 50 made ground in Sydney.

In such a small barrel, the rum had plenty of opportunity to interact with the oak, and just 28 days from filling, Grain Bar’s very own lightly aged Agricole rum was ready to go. The colour, flavour and texture had changed dramatically. Adam and his team put in the hard yards, tasting from the barrel every 2-3 days until they were happy the oak had done its job.

Proud new dad (to a barrel), Adam Lau

Proud new dad (to a barrel), Adam Lau


Grain Bar will be mixing their one-of-a-kind rum in a classic daiquiri, “the most simple and refreshing way to showcase the flavours of Australian agricole”, according to Adam.

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For something a little more complex, Adam has created a twist on the classic Last Word, “to allow for more depth and complexity on the palate”. Think aged Pure Cane 50, Mancino Bianco, fresh lemon juice, yellow Chartreuse and simple syrup.

The cocktails will feature on Grain Bar’s new menu from next weekend.

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