The North Coast Bar Series

The North Coast Bar Series is about provenance and a sense of place, connecting us to this land and its elements, the salt sea air, fertile volcanic soil and pristine waters.

From the Gondwana rainforests and mountains of the caldera, to the surf, sand and rocky headlands of the coast, these rums and cane spirits are made in and of the North Coast of NSW.



Australian Spiced Rum

Spiced Bam Bam was created to celebrate the salty coastal rainforests that run along the North Coast of NSW. These vast expanses of remnant Gondwana rainforest are home to some of the most ancient species in the world, and we wanted to explore these botanicals in a rum.

We started with 2-3 year old Australian Agricole selected from the 2013 and 2014 harvests. We then selected two rainforest species to focus on - wattleseed and native ginger, both which grow wild on our farm and across the region.

To complement these flavours we added mandarin, orange peel, cinnamon quills and vanilla beans to add spice & sweetness. The recipe was rounded off with a sprinkle of sea salt.  

The whole spices infused in the rum for 3 months, resulting in a beautifully softly spiced rum that is good enough to sip on the rocks, or mix with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime for a classic Dark & Stormy. 

We wanted to make a spiced rum that actually tastes like rum, with no artificial colours, flavours or nasties. All natural.


Pure Cane

Unaged Agricole

Pure Cane is the purest expression of our region. Made from 100% hand cut sugar cane grown on our farm, Pure Cane is how all our rums start.

After fermentation we double distill Pure Cane in our copper pot still, before allowing it to rest before bottling. Pure Cane can only be made during the harvest - each batch is seasonal and reflects that year's vintage, the seasons, the soil, the terroir. 

Fresh, vibrant and delicate, Pure Cane smells sweetly of crushed sugar cane, with a grassy & creamy flavour. Softer in flavour than Caribbean white agricoles, you can mix this into back to basics cocktails with only 3 ingredients - Pure Cane, lime and sugar.


Made with Pure Cane, 1 fresh lime, sugar

- Ti Punch

- Caipirinha

- Daquiri 

- Mojito (add mint and soda water) 

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Ti Punch Masters 2017


We're on a mission to change the way we perceive & drink rum in Australia. For us this means going back to basic, celebrating the quality & flavour of the rum rather than hiding it under sugary mixers and in overly complicated cocktails.

The cocktail that epitomises this idea is the Ti Punch (pronounced tee-punch, spelt ti'punch in French). This cocktail is how the Caribbeans drink their white rum - neat, with a small squeeze of lime and a teaspoon of sugar. It's short, strong, refreshing and meant to be sipped slowly on a warm & tropical afternoon. Most importantly, it celebrates the spirit above all else. 


To bring this cocktail to the people, we needed help from our local bartenders, and in October 2017 we ran the first Ti Punch Masters cocktail competition. We challenged bartenders between to create a unique Ti Punch recipe that reflects our region, heritage & spirit, taking this traditional French Caribbean cocktail & giving it an Australian twist. 

18 finalists were selected and during regional finals 18 finalists were whittled down to 7, who all faced off in the Grand Final at Savile Row. Matthew O'Malley from Cobbler took out the title of 2017 Ti Punch Master, and will be joining the Husk Distillers team at the start of the next harvest to make his own barrel of paddock to bottle agricole rum. 

Congratulations to all our competitors! 


Lola Lucassen from The End

Daniel Pennefather from Blackbird Bar & Restaurant Brisbane

Cassie Potts from Fitz + Potts

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Samuel Russ from Canvas

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Kal Moore from The Gresham

GRAND FINAL WINNER: Matthew O’Malley from Cobbler



Giorgia Zanzani from Balboa Italian

Joshua McLean from Atrium Bar

Michelle Din from Old Tom

Jack Connor from Aloha Bar and Dining

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Kimberley Brown from Lockwood Bar

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Adam Bastow from Etsu



Matteo Salerno from The Bolt Hole

David Fielding from Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts

Rebecca Blackburne from Halcyon House

Sam Curtis from Harvest Newrybar

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Emily Gray from The Spotted Pig

SEMI FINAL WINNER: Caitlin from Taverna


Thanks to Fever-Tree for sponsoring the semi final and final events with mixers.