Sustainable Distilling

We are lucky enough to have 150acres of beautiful, fertile cattle & cane farm right on the banks of the Tweed River. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in our production practises, respecting our land & implementing as many full circle practises as we can to recycle our waste products back into the land. 


Our Cattle

Waste management is a major consideration for distilleries, because of the high level of biodegradable organic materials left over after distilling.

Rather than pumping our distillery waste into a lake or storage facility, we have a herd of around 30 spoilt cattle who eat the stillage, spent yeast & botanicals left over after we distill. High in protein, the distillery waste supplements our cattle's diet during the winter months when the grass is slow growing and lacking nutrients. 

Sustainable Production

We are constantly working to limit our waste and use organic, recyclable products. All cardboard materials used in our distillery are collected and turned into compost, to be put back into the earth. 

Our Rainforest

The Gondwana Rainforest extends across much of the coast of NSW up to SE Queensland and is one of the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest in the world. This ancient rainforest showcases some of the most diverse flora and fauna in Australia, which has remained relatively unchanged from their fossilised ancestors. 

We are the custodians of 12 hectares of remnant Gondwana rainforest, which is set at the back of our farm. Over the last 5 years we have planted over 2000 native trees and plants across our property, which we mulch using bagasse left over from the sugar cane harvest. Bagasse is the dry sugar cane fibre left over after the sugar cane has been crushed, and we recycle it as perfect organic weed control.