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After four long years, the wait is over. We are stoked to announce the next release of our premium Australian Agricole rum - Husk Triple Oak.

Husk Triple Oak is a 5 year old sipping rum. A masterful blend of three barrels - ex-port, ex-bourbon and new American Oak - distilled in 2013 in our old 1000L copper pot still from first press cane juice.

The resulting blend allows the drinker to trace back to each barrel the flavours and aromas it encapsulates.

Nerd out on the release notes and rum stats here.

Bottles will still be extremely limited, however with some exciting barrels coming of age you can expect one release of premium quality sipping rum each year from now on.

Allocation requests are vital to securing bottles.

There will be a strict limit of 2 bottles / bar and 1 case / bottle shop. Bottles will only be available through Husk Distillers directly.

Husk Triple Oak | 700ml | 6 bottles/case | LUC $80 ex. GST | RRP $118

Husk Triple Oak Rum will be released officially on the 22nd May.

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