Our Rum

Our rums are about provenance and a sense of place, connecting us to this land and its elements, the salt sea air, fertile volcanic soil and pristine waters.

From the Gondwana rainforests and mountains of the caldera, to the surf, sand and rocky headlands of the coast, these rums and cane spirits are made in and of the North Coast of NSW.

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Husk Spiced Bam Bam

Australian Spiced Rum

Husk Spiced Bam Bam was created to celebrate the salty coastal rainforests that run along the North Coast of NSW. These vast expanses of remnant Gondwana rainforest are home to some of the most ancient species in the world, and we wanted to explore these botanicals in a rum.

We started with 3-4 year old Husk Australian Agricole rum. We selected two rainforest species to focus on - wattle seed and native ginger, both which grow wild on our farm and across the North Coast.

To complement these flavours we add mandarin, orange peel, cinnamon quills and vanilla beans to add spice & sweetness. The recipe is rounded off with a sprinkle of sea salt.  

The whole spices infuse in the rum for 3 months, resulting in a beautifully softly spiced rum that is good enough to sip on the rocks, or mix with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime for a classic Dark & Stormy. 

We wanted to make a spiced rum that actually tastes like rum, with no artificial colours or flavours. All natural.

Release Information: Husk Spiced Bam Bam is released twice annually - one batch in summer, one batch in winter. Each batch sells out quickly. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up to our Husk mailing list below.

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Husk Pure Cane

Unaged Agricole

Husk Pure Cane is the most pure expression of our region. Made from sugar cane grown 100% on our farm, Pure Cane is how all our rums start.

We created this new world agricole to introduce the Australian palette to this unusual spirit in a way that is versatile to mix and sessionable to drink. Lighter, more delicate and more accessible than traditional Caribbean agricoles.

After fermentation we double distill Pure Cane in our copper pot still, before allowing it to rest before bottling. Pure Cane can only be made during the harvest - each batch is seasonal and reflects that year's vintage, the seasons, the soil, the terroir. 

Fresh, vibrant and delicate, Pure Cane smells sweetly of crushed sugar cane, with a grassy & creamy flavour. Softer in flavour than Caribbean white agricoles, you can mix this into back to basics cocktails with only 3 ingredients - Pure Cane, lime and sugar.


Harvest date:    October 2018

Distil date:    October 2018

Cane type:    Q240

Distillation Method:    100% pot distillation

Still proof:    77.6% (pot distillation)

Bottle proof:    40% Alc. Vol.

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Husk Pure Cane 50

Caribbean Strength Agricole

With the alcohol content sitting at 50%, Pure Cane 50 is an ode to traditional full strength and full flavoured rums so popular in the Caribbean.

Rum best reveals it’s flavours at higher strength, and Pure Cane 50 delivers this complexity to rum lovers and bartenders who have been waiting for an Australian version of this iconic Caribbean spirit at its most popular strength.


Harvest date:    October 2018

Distil date:    October 2018

Cane type:    Q240

Distillation Method:    2/3 pot distillation, 1/3 column distillation

Still proof:    77.6% (pot distillation) 88.75% (column distillation)

Bottle proof:    50% Alc. Vol.

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Husk Triple Oak

Premium Sipping Rum

This 2019 release of our premium sipping rum is Triple Oak.

Triple Oak is a masterful blend of three barrels - ex-port, ex-bourbon and new American Oak.

These barrels were filled with our Australian Agricole rum, which was distilled in 2013 in our old 1000L copper pot still from first press cane juice.

The barrels rested for 5 years. For the rum connoisseur, the resulting blend allows the drinker to trace back to each barrel the flavours and aromas it encapsulates.


Ex-port barrel. This very old barrel had aged port for several decades. It imparted old oak and rich port-like notes into the rum.

Ex-bourbon barrel. This barrel from Kentucky had been filled with bourbon, emptied, shipped over to Australia and then filled. It was most neutral barrel that allowed the rum to naturally and slowly develop beautiful fruity aromas.

Virgin American Oak (char #4). As a brand new barrel, the new wood had a heavy influence on the rum which picked up deep oak flavours with hints of coconut. The heavy char helped the release of sought after compounds such as vanilla while also allowing the rum to extract more tannin from the wood.


Barrel #1: Ex-Port filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 73.9%.

Barrel #2: Ex-Bourbon filled 27/09/13 from distillation of cane variety Q200. Still strength 65.5%.

Barrel #3: Virgin White American Oak - filled 05/12/13 from distillation of cane variety Q155. Still strength 74.8% and 75.3%.

Total run: 969 bottles (Australian allocation 849 bottles, European allocation 120 bottles)