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In the long years while our rums were maturing, we realised we needed something to take up our time outside of harvest season. Queue Ink Gin. After discovering the Thai native butterfly pea flower and it’s curious properties, founder Paul knew he was onto something that would create a gin unlike any other. Over two years he perfected the recipe around the flower, whose natural pH-sensitivity makes a gin that changes colour when mixed with acidic ingredients, such as tonic water, lemon or lime.

Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea Flower)

Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea Flower)

The floral infusion is a 24-hour post-distillation step. Distillation happens in our copper Forsyth still, first of its kind to be imported into Australia. Organic juniper, Tasmanian Pepperberry, organic orange peel (hand-peeled and sun-dried), and lemon myrtle make up the Australian-dominated main tier of botanicals. Following this we nod to some traditional botanicals, including elderflower, coriander, cardamom and liquorice root.

700ml 43% ABV
Paramount, ALM, Festival Wines or direct
$58.30 ex. GST direct

Ink Sloe & Berry

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When Ink Gin turned four in 2019, we decided to add a new square friend to our repertoire, inspired by traditional Sloe Gin. Ink Sloe & Berry starts with a gin distillation in the presence of 5 botanicals - simple, traditional recipe. We distil with juniper berry, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice and Jaboticaba. The gin obtained is then infused with fruits including sloes, Davidson plums and berries. The result is just the right balance of sweet and tart.

It wouldn’t be a Husk gin without a final floral infusion step, this time with Rosella flowers. The Rosellas are vibrant in colour and impart light red fruit notes to the gin.

700ml, 26% ABV
Paramount, Festival Wines or direct
$48 direct

The cellar door at Husk Farm Distillery, Tumbulgum NSW

The cellar door at Husk Farm Distillery, Tumbulgum NSW